Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ash To Release A-Z Vol. 1 On 4/19

Back in October 2009, Ash launched their singles collection series. They set out to release 26 singles, bi-weekly, over a year long period. Well, they're approaching the halfway mark on this project. To celebrate, they'll be releasing A-Z Vol. 1 on April 19. The compilation will contain singles A-M as well as a bundle of bonus material.

Oh my lovelies, but that's not all! Not only can you pre-order the album now, you also have options. A-Z Vol. 1 will be available as a limited edition (5,000 copies worldwide) CD/DVD combo too. It will feature an A-Z Tour documentary that was filmed last fall. So, you have two physical options to get your Ash fix.

Subscribe to the A-Z Series before Feb 25 and get the dark new bonus track "Night Terrors"

As the band describes it: "Lyrically 'Night Terrors' tongue-in-cheek humor starkly contrasts an angry tale of wished comeuppance upon a despicable individual. This song is for anyone who's known a loved one to have been royally fucked over, to the degree that you'd like to see the guilty party suffer eternally in the grip of their own diabolical insanity."

Who hasn't?

And like "Gallows Hill" and "Lay Down Your Arms," "Night Terrors" won't be available anywhere else.

So, head on over to the bands site HERE and subscribe.

Track Listing:

  • A. True Love 1980
  • B. Joy Kicks Darkness
  • C. Arcadia
  • D. Tracers
  • E. The Dead Disciples
  • F. Pripyat
  • G. Ichiban
  • H. Space Shot
  • I. Neon
  • J. Command
  • K. Song Of Your Desire
  • L. Dionysian Urge
  • M. War With Me
  • 4 unreleased bonus tracks