Thursday, November 14, 2013

Eatliz - “Miserable”

Israeli indie band, Eatliz, recently released a video for their single, “Miserable”.  The song is from their upcoming album, All of It, which is scheduled for release in early 2014.  The track is seductively dark and captivating.  Check it out belowit's both song and video of the day.

Tel Aviv's indie  rockers  Eatliz are back. After two years in the making, the anticipated third LP "All of It" marks Eatliz's thunderous, fiery return. With hypnotic front-woman Sivan Abelson joining the band, and New York producer Itamar Ziegler (Balkan Beat Box, Pink Noise) on board, "All of It" presents a twist in their already adventurous journey.  

Sonically futuristic yet organic, first single "Miserable" is filled with explosive textures and fiery layers built on a forceful beat, continuing their trend of haunting melodies. Lyrically, the band explores new territories, and have gone deeper and darker than before.