Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nova Heart - “My Song 9”

Check out the song “My Song 9” from Chinese band Nova Heart.

If the music planet these days is inhabited by candy colored pop munchkins, ruby red dance floors, and twerking teddy bears, here comes the Wicked Witch of the East.  Staunchly opposed to the oh so technicolored predictable dance tracks that have goo'd and gaga'd the world, a band out of China, yes you heard me, China, has produced an electronic EP finally with a nasty, nasty side to drive fear into the all the denizens of OZ.  
This is not for the club, but for the lonely, lonely walk home after a night at the club.  It's music for walking through streets filled with tranny prostitutes (Beautiful Boys) and coming down from lord knows what (My Song 9).  As if emerging from the polluted fog of Beijing, Nova Heart gives you garbled transmissions from an enemy satellite, telling you that for every up there is a down, for every pleasure there is a price.  
And this message, like an ominous counterpoint, is filled with sex unfulfilled and builds that lead to a slide into oblivion. Dark analog scenes created by Italian cowboy Rodion are filled to the brim with the siren's call of lead singer Helen Feng that promises both sex and mortality - all at the same time.  Deceptive pop melodies that lead you down the road as if setting you up for the kill before they diverge and you drop down that endless well.