Sunday, April 5, 2009

Adam Taylor Plays The Living Room

Adam Taylor & Kate Young: April 2 @ The Living Room, New York, NY

I went 'round to see Adam Taylor and Kate Young again. It was exactly a week to the day that I saw them last. This time they were playing Lower East Side venue The Living Room. It's a comfortable place that's name is fitting especially in light of Taylor and Young's shows making you feel warm and welcomed.

Taylor and Young are just so amazingly talented but, you know that, right?! Once again we were given a great show. Of course, I expected nothing less. They started the show with "Jazzonia" which thanks to NYC mass transit I only got to witness the last bits of. As a treat, we were presented with an untitled new song that didn't stay untitled for long. A fellow audience member decided it should be named, "Treat." They did "Oliver," a song that I've come to love thanks to multiple plays of a YouTube video (I believe they did it when I saw them last December too if memory serves me correctly). It's a rather catchy number. It was nice hearing that one. Another delight is "Ali," a song in which Taylor incorporates his audiences into. They closed the set with "Cat's Cradle," a poignant song that I heard them perform the first time saw them.

I had a terrific time. They put their hearts into the show and a smile on my face. Now all I can ask is, when are we going to get another record? Is it too soon to ask that question? Ok, that's me being musically greedy again. I get like that from time to time. But, there are a lot of songs that I've heard live now that I'd love to hear on record too. I'll be patient though and continue to wear out Taylor's wonderful record Play The Piano Drunk.

New Yorker's still have another chance to catch Taylor perform. He'll be at Roots Cafe in Brooklyn on April 24. If you're in the area, you should go. Those of you not in the area, should you happen to see the name Adam Taylor on the bill, pop in and check out the show. You'll enjoy yourself.

Set List (I'm not married to the order in which the songs are listed!)
  • Jazzonia
  • 12:51
  • Painting Leprosy
  • Elvis
  • Whale Song
  • Untitled (Treat)
  • Coffee
  • Oliver
  • Ali
  • Lucy
  • Cat's Cradle
A few more photos from the