Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pimps of Joytime

Pimps of Joytime, Brian J (guitar/keyboards/vocals), Hagar Ben Ari (bass/vocals), Mayteana Morales (samples/percussion/vocals) and Chauncey Yearwood (percussion/vocals), were recommended to me. I had a listen because well, I'm game for checking out something at least once. The first thing I discover is Pimps of Joytime are full of flavor. They have a wicked blend Afro-Latin, funky, soul with some jazz thrown in to season the pot even further. Think Sly & The Family Stone or The Meters. This is old school funky stuff that you can dance and get sweaty to but, at the same time it's modern sounding.

Check them out for yourselves.

"Joytime Radio"