Thursday, May 12, 2016

Rudy De Anda To Release New Album In June

Photo credit: Jacquie Ray

Rudy De Anda is set to release his new album, Delay, Cadaver of a Day on June 24 via Porch Party Records.  Check out "Hunger Cloud" from the upcoming album below.

Delay, Cadaver of a Day was recorded at Jazz Cats Studios (Crystal Antlers, Day Wave, Hanni El Khatib) and is a brutally honest, gritty, and loud representation of Rudy De Anda's auditory range. It weaves sweeping melodicism with a dynamic interplay of soul and punk-rock and showcases the darker side of the Californian musician. 
Inspired by The Velvet Underground, dissonance, and shoe-gaze, Delay, Cadaver of a Day conjures up imagery of Fellini stumbling upon the city of Long Beach, and goes from optimism to mystery almost immediately. "It's like a black and white film shot in present time," offers De Anda about the album. "It's the soundtrack to a Criterion Collection piece based in LA with more surrealistic notes, feelings, and vibes."

You can pick up Delay, Cadaver of a Day HERE.

Track List

  • Hunger Cloud
  • Tibetan Trampoline Enthusiasts
  • Lunch Break
  • White Skies
  • House of Construction
  • Clay Melting On Our Backs
  • SS Ailanthus
  • Won't Be Around Anymore