Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mariya May Releases New Album and Video

Today we have for you "Out Walking" from Mariya May. The track is from her new album, Call Me Back If You Can Dig The Music. The album was released May 17 via Ten Dollar Recording Company. You can pick it up HERE.  Check out the video below.

Mariya May’s new album Call Me Back if You Can Dig the Music finds the soulful, Portland based songstress helming a deft concoction of lush neo-soul, rafter-rattling dub reggae, and verdant folk addled adages to love and loss, all shot through with a keen pop sensibility and strident lo-fi attitude.Call Me Back if You Can Dig the Music manages to listen as both vintage and modern at once, familiar and yet fully in its own element. This album is definitely not short on either vision or listenability, and many of the tracks here are well worth some repeat uptake into your earholes. With Mariya’s strong vocal presence and haunting flute lines, the total musical package comes off with an ease and timelessness that is a giddy, memorable listen and yet another great addition to the Ten Dollar Recording Company catalogue. 
Backing up Mariya’s vocal, flute, and piano duties herein is her husband and longtime co-collaborator Ryan Michael Block, who produced the album and takes the reins on guitar, bass, and percussion. Peter Qualtere-Burcher’s soulful and omnipresent tenor sax pulls it all together and lends a smoky, jazzy air to a unique record that employs the added dynamic to great effect. Segueing from May and Block’s previous work in What in Your Heart Can Put You in a Trance, May’s recent solo work is at its most soulful and infectious when borrowing from and building on themes established in the couple’s previous project(s), taking their earlier sultry, earthy dub-soul-pop-folk experiments and transposing them to a further level of refinement and easy cool. Add in a generous helping of some serious golden era Motown throwback and the added competence that comes with years of collaborative effort, and you’ve got Call Me Back if You Can Dig the Music, May and Block’s most comprehensive and mature musical expression to date.