Thursday, March 7, 2013

Great Peacock Release Stellar Debut EP

Nashville based Great Peacock released their self-titled debut EP this week via This Is American Music.  The 5-song Great Peacock has earned a spot on my "you MUST hear this" list.

Last month the band's track "Take Me To The Mountain" found its way to me and I was immediately captivated.  To be honest, I was a little afraid to hear the rest of the EP.  I thought, 'no way could the rest of it be as good as that spectacular track'; I didn't want to be disappointed.  Well, color me wrong! From beginning to end Great Peacock is a stellar piece of work.  It's one of those records that demands to be put on repeat, drawing you in with its storytelling and harmonies.  While listening to it for about the dozenth time, I realized I can't pick a highlight; the whole album is a highlight! 

If Great Peacock keeps this up, they'll soon find themselves in the upper echelons of today's modern folk troubadour royalty.

Great Peacock Tracklisting:

  • Take Me To The Mountain
  • Desert Lark
  • Sailing
  • Family Home
  • Bluebird