Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Semi Precious Weapons Release New Video

Semi Precious Weapons premiered their video for "Aviation High" on Monday.  The clip was directed and edited by the band's own Stevy Pyne.  The song and video see the band more polished and pop than their previous brand of gritty, punkish glam.  On a side note, I've got to give props to frontman Justin Tranter for rocking the stilettos in the feet envy his ability to do so.  

Overall, the clip reminds me of Rio era Duran Duran, visually.  Well, minus the big budget exotic locations and sweeping aerial views.  Had this video happened back then, little 80's me would have been glued to the TV waiting for it to come on and tacking pictures of Tranter up next to John Taylor and Nick Rhodes.  Did I just show my age?  Oh well!  Check out the clip below and enjoy.

Directed and edited by: Stevy Pyne

Cameras: Creative Tirade, Clothing/Styling: Sandra Garcia, Hair: Naomi Knights, Visual assistance: Jared Heinrich and Armen Ra.