Thursday, March 17, 2016

Michaela May - "1954"

Today we have you for you "1954" from Michaela May check it out below.  The single was released January 29 and you can pick it up HERE.
1954 is a song that represents empowerment and strength in a world where people can and will criticize your every move. I wrote the song out of frustration with old school societal norms that have no place in today's culture. I wanted to write something that empowers people to live their life the way they choose. No matter what judgement or negativity someone faces, it's possible to rise above it and (as cheesy as this may sound) just be who you are. I wrote the song in just a few hours and recorded the song the next day. It’s a defiant, sassy song and it embodies everything I have wanted to say for a long time!