Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lake Street Dive Releases New Video

So, not having listened to the new album, Side Pony, from Lake Street Dive yet, I was caught a little off guard by they title track. Lawd y'all singing about rockin' a side ponytail?! And much to my dismay, Rachel Price isn't rockin' one in the video! 

All that aside, yes it's a metaphor…I'm going to do things in my own way, like wear a tail on the side of my head. It's all wrapped up in a funky cocoon of old school pop-soul that will likely have you dancing around the room while listening. And, gosh darn it, it's catchy as hell and stuck in my head, on repeat.  Check out the clip below.

Side Pony, their Nonesuch Records debut album, was released February 2016. You can pick up a copy HERE.