Sunday, June 21, 2009

Brendan Benson Set To Release New Record

Well, it seems that singer/songwriter Brendan Benson has a album set to drop on August 18. This new effort is titled My Old, Familiar Friend and was produced by Gil Norton.

I became familiar with Benson back when someone gave me a promo copy of his debut album, 1996's One Mississippi. I listened to it, thought it was a nice enough record and tossed it on the pile of CD's I always say I'll get around to listening to again in the near future, but rarely do I. About five years ago, I was moving and came across that record I had long forgotten. I popped it in and thought to myself, this is a good record. But, it ended up back on the shelf collecting dust until I came across Benson's other gig, The Raconteurs and their album Broken Boy Soldiers. Benson is a talented songwriter. I'm interested to hear what My Old, Familiar Friend holds.

Track Listing
  • A Whole Lot Better
  • Eyes on The Horizon
  • Garbage Day
  • Gonowhere
  • Feel Like Taking You Home
  • You Make a Fool Out of Me
  • Poised and Ready
  • Don’t Want To Talk
  • Misery
  • Lesson Learned
  • Borrow