Monday, June 8, 2009

Hot Seconds Brought Joy To The Masses

Hot Seconds: June 6 @ Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY

A high spirited Hot Seconds kicked off summer, albeit a bit early, at Union Pool on Saturday night. Union Pool with its vintage appeal and cozy stage was the perfect setting for the lads, James Love (vocals/guitar/tambourine), Eran Westwood (guitar/vocals), Marcel Simoneau (keyboards/guitar/megaphone), Bob Toria (bass), Ian Hudgins (drums/vocals) and the audience to get up to all sorts of boisterous fun.

We were given a eleven song, fifty-four minute set. I checked out the set list prior to the show starting. I won't say I was cheated but, ahem, what happened to "Excuse Me?" I'm going to assume it was cut due to fact that three songs in, The Great Guitar Escapade of '09 took place and cut into their time. For those who need a Quirky to English translation, that means technical difficulties over there on stage right, in Westwood world, necessitated the switching about of guitars. With that all sorted out, the shindig continued.

They played all of the favorites. The big news is, they hit us with another new song. It's titled "Push To Pound." I haven't made out the words yet but, I'm diggin' on the music. It puts pictures in my head of the boys in sailor uniforms and pea coats on a gray day in the mist of some sweeping b&w epic video. What? Am I the only one who sees that? Probably. My head is a scary place filled with great music.

If you've been reading and paying attention to my little space here in the virtual world, then you know they debuted "Pink Caesar" back in February. I noticed this time out how much more relaxed and comfortable they looked and sounded playing it now. They're all loose and have the cool laid back rhythm in their moves. Go on with your bad selves. It's been great fun witnessing the new stuff and watching it as it gels.

"When I Go," the harmonica solo is back. Love was unable to do it last time out. But this time, he busted out the harp and blew a mean solo. Yep, all is right in my happy little Hot Seconds world of music.

In addition to the new song, there were new visuals too! They've gone fancy and perhaps a bit trippy with a portable flashing light rig over there on stage right. And if that wasn't enough for our happy little eyes, they've done gone and slapped their logo on the kick drum ... that's tight. While we're on the back line, it should be noted that I'm still feeling mad love for the rhythm section. Those boys are bad ass back there. Okay, I have mad love for the rest of the band too! I don't want anyone to think I'm being neglectful. But it can now officially be said that I'm a drum fan or perhaps just a fan of Hudgins drumming. I'll ponder that.

Much fun was had by me. Perfect weather, cheap drinks, a taco truck and a rockin' Hot Seconds ... it'd be impossible to not have fun, right?! If you're anywhere near when they play next, you should go and partake in the fun too. Bring on the next show boys. I'm ready!

"Push To Pound"

Set List
  • Pieces Of You
  • Can't Stop
  • We Met Before
  • Rooftop
  • Clam Man
  • Holy Moly
  • Push To Pound
  • Pink Caesar
  • Gone To Ground
  • When I Go
  • Went To India
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