Friday, June 19, 2009

Bob Schneider Rocked At Bowery Ballroom

Bob Schneider: June 18 @ Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY

I went around to see Bob Schneider last night. I'm convinced that Schneider is the Rain God or at the very least, is a close personal friend of said God. Every time I go see him, it rains that day. Seriously, there's a connection; I'm sure of it.

Schneider is one of those guys you just have to see live, be it with his band or solo. Last night the band was all there. This was a full on electric show ... no acoustic guitar for Bob. He came to rock and he did just that.

The last time he was at the Bowery, he seemed a bit tired and I don't recall a lot of smiling. This time out he was smiling and more energetic. While all of Schneider's shows are fun, this one seemed to be overall the most fun I've seen in a while. Everyone, band and audience just seemed to be enjoying themselves a lot. There were plenty of sing-a-long moments; it wouldn't be a Bob Schneider show without those moments now would it? Are their people who don't know all of the sing-a-long bits? Unfortunately for the people around me, I did my fair share of off-key singing along.

The big highlight for me was "Bombananza." I think this was the first time I've heard it live. I may be wrong, I have my senile moments, but I'm fairly sure it is. Did I spell 'Bombananza' right? Anyway, it was somewhere around this point in the show where I became a hot sweaty mess. Thanks Bob! Another highlight was "Country Club" which at the moment is my favorite Schneider song.

I had a great time. You should go check Schneider out should he be playing near you. Once you see him, you'll keep going back for more. That folks is a good thing in my opinion.

Here are the photos from his set.The video ...
"Gold In The Sunset"

Set List
  • Hand Me Back My Life
  • Big Blue Sea
  • ?
  • Come With Me Tonight
  • The Hulk
  • Til Somebody Catches A Feeling
  • Gold In The Sunset
  • Trash
  • Bullets
  • Boombox
  • Blauu
  • Round And Round
  • Bombananza
  • Cheaper
  • ?
  • I'm Good Now
  • Supershit
  • Assknocker
  • Country Club
  • ?
  • Captain Kirk
  • Tarantula
  • Snakebucket
  • Slower Dear
  • Ready, Let's Roll
  • 40 Dogs (Like Romeo & Juliet)
  • Mudhouse
If anyone knows the names of the ?'s, drop me a line!