Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vivian Darkbloom At Pianos This Thursday!

Boston band Vivian Darkbloom will be taking the stage on the LES at Pianos this Thursday, June 25.

For those unfamiliar with Vivian Darkbloom, they're an indie band made up of brainy guys. Founding members Rob Morris (vocals/guitar) and Brian Skerratt (bass/vocals) met at Princeton and are now doing the whole graduate degree thing at MIT and Harvard, respectively. They are joined by Cristiano Castellitto (drums) who's probably a brainy guy too. Anyway, I mention this not as a negative, but because it ties in with their music.

You see, Morris has used his braininess to created this crazy thing called the Wii Guitar. He's mounted a Wii remote onto a guitar and by pressing it's buttons and moving and gesturing with his guitar he's able to produce all kinds of insane sounds. You obviously can't get these sounds by just playing a guitar the old fashioned way. The guitar communicates with a computer running software Morris wrote and viola, you have on your hands, a mad scientist with a wicked cool guitar. Ok, Morris probably isn't mad but, I've always wanted to use that term. You can read a more detailed description of his invention in an article from The Boston Phoenix HERE.

Have a listen to Vivian Darkbloom's new single, "Cold War" from the EP of the same name.
The Wii guitar in action ...

So, if you're in the New York area on Thursday, drop by and check them out. I hear everyone who goes, gets a free "I Love VD" button. Well, look at that, good music, cool inventions and a sense of humor. These are all good things folks!