Friday, June 25, 2010

Adam Taylor To Play The Living Room, Wednesday, 6/30

He's coming back! Yes, good people of Internet-land, Adam Taylor is making his way back to the fair city of New York once again. This time, he'll be at the cozy LES venue The Living Room for an early set, 7PM, on Wednesday, June 30. He's bringing with him, his band. So, if you missed them earlier this month, you should remedy that and catch this show! They'll skiffle, they'll rock, they'll jazz, they'll pop and, they might even get funky on you. One thing that's guaranteed, they will be good. But, you'll only have my word to go by if you don't go see the show and experience it for yourselves!

I'm personally hoping they'll do "Coffee" this time out ... just thought I'd put that out there!