Friday, June 25, 2010

Food Stamps & Trojan Warriors

Food Stamps: June 24 @ The Delancey, New York, NY

I was at The Delancey Thursday night. I walked in and the first act was still on stage. All was well and good, the sounds I heard as I entered the room weren't bad. That's always a good thing! It seemed like a normal enough show until I looked up and saw a Trojan warrior. Yeah, you heard me! The band playing, the Food Stamps were on-stage doing their thing. But, on the floor in front of the stage was an older fella in platforms, g-string/cod-piece, Trojan helmet dancing around with a shield and spear. Seriously?! Yes, seriously. After being hit with a major case of WTF'ness and trying my damndest to get a decent shot of Trojan Man, I turned my attention to the duo on-stage. They were rather enjoyable. They have a record, Food Stamps EP. The record samples I listened to on iTunes don't do their live sound any justice.