Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Anna Rose Celebrates New Record At Bowery Electric, 6/21

Anna Rose: June 21 @ Bowery Electric, Ne
w York, NY

Monday night, songstress Anna Rose took the Bowery Electric stage to celebrate the recent release of her full-length debut record, Nomad. The tiny power house with the crystal voice led her terrific band through an 11 song set, nine of which were from Nomad. Rose has a bit of a twang to her voice but interestingly enough when she got to her encore, Dolly Parton's "Jolene," there was still a bit of a twang but the legendary country song took on a funky rock vibe with enough bass and dirty guitar to have you thinking about a dance floor. Her other cover of the night, "Manic Depression" ... that one could have used a longer jam! The highlight of the night for me was "The Four Corners" which you can watch below. Rose wrote it about when she and her friends began scattering to different parts of the globe to start their own lives; it's something we've all experienced. Check out photos from the gig below. Additional photos on the QNYC photo page, HERE.

Set List
  • Walk Away
  • Picture
  • The Four Corners
  • Whispers
  • Overtone
  • Wilshire Blvd.
  • Gillian
  • Manic Depression
  • I'll Be Gone
  • You Got It For Free
  • Jolene
MP3 Grab: "Whispers"