Saturday, June 5, 2010

Delightful Danielia Cotton Dazzled

Danielia Cotton: June 3 @ Rockwood M
usic Hall, New York, NY

Rockin' soul lady Danielia Cotton took the stage at Rockwood Music Hall Thursday night and song by song tore the roof off the joint. If you've never seen her live, you're missing a hell of a show. I became familiar with Cotton's music, in what I like to call a happy accident, when I stumbled upon some information about her online. That was about a week before her last album, Rare Child came out. A week later I owned the record. I've been a fan since. So, it was with great joy that I paid a visit to the LES to catch her set.

Cotton kicked things off with "Devil In Disguise" from her Small White Town album. Her fans were out in full force providing deafening applause and giving her a standing ovation. The tiny lady with the big voice was one part sweet girl next door, one part feisty rock chick and 100% electrifying. She and her band delighted the audience with a twelve song set that ended in a fiery version of "Purple Rain" before leaving the stage. Cotton returned on her own to end the night with an A Capella rendition of "Nature Boy." I left a happy camper.

Check out some photos and video from her set

More photos HERE.

"Rare Child"

"Nature Boy"

Set List
  • Devil In Disguise
  • Bang My Drum
  • Testify
  • Righteous People
  • Shame
  • It's Only Life
  • Try
  • Pride
  • Rare Child
  • Make You Move
  • Bound
  • Purple Rain
  • Nature Boy