Saturday, June 12, 2010

Early Evening Crowd Delighted By Adam Taylor

Adam Taylor: June 8 @ Rockwood Music H
all, New York, NY

This past Tuesday, I headed to the LES to see folk-rock, singer/songwriter Adam Taylor perform an early (6PM) set at Rockwood Music Hall. I've seen Taylor perform several times, along with his songstress partner-in-crime Kate Young. This show was different, well, at least it was to us New Yorkers. This was a full band show!

I've written about Taylor and Young before. They're both incredibly talented and never fail to put on a terrific show. I always look forward to catching them when they're in town. So, when I found out this would be a band show, I got even more excited. How could I not be excited to hear two great voices kicking things up a notch with a band.

Taylor is a down-to-earth, charming and witty performer. That didn't change with the added instrumentation. It enhanced it. Everyone seemed to be having a great time on-stage. His shows always make you feel like he's welcoming you into his home. I suppose in essence, he is. For those forty-five minutes or so, the venue is his living room and he has invited you over to hang out and listen to music; opening the door to his world song by song.

For those of us who hadn't experienced Taylor in full band form before, it was a true treat. The show even saw Taylor strapping on an electric guitar for a couple of songs ... getting a little bluesy. The group capably handled a variety of genres which is part of Taylor's charm. One minute Taylor was leading his band, Jason Hoffheins (drums) and Mike Giblin (bass) through "Jazzonia" a song that could easily fit into any pop standard catalogue. The next moment he's taking you through jazzy waters with "Story of the Sea-green Sky, Pt. 2" and then taking you into funky James Brown territory with "Elvis." There was even his cover of "No Diggity/Come Together." Until Tuesday, I'd only heard it via a YouTube clip. It was fun to hear live.

It was over all too quickly for me. I could listen to Taylor perform all night. Just when I think this young man can't get any better than he already is, he proves me wrong. He writes terrific songs and surrounds himself with equally talented musicians. He's a star waiting to happen. I highly recommend catching a show if you have the opportunity, be it as a duo or a full band. You won't be disappointed.

Taylor has an upcoming New York performance at The Living Room on June 30. This too will be a full band show and also an early show, 7PM. Pop 'round and catch him at this intimate venue before he blows up.

Check out photos and videos from Tuesday's set.

More photos HERE.


"Story of the Sea-green Sky, Pt. 2"

"No Diggity/Come Together"

Set List
  • Jazzonia
  • Oliver
  • 12.51
  • Story of the Sea-Green Sky pt. II
  • The Stove
  • New York
  • No Diggity/Come Together (Blackstreet/Beatles Cover)
  • Yes/No
  • Elvis
  • Lucy
  • Cat's Cradle