Thursday, June 17, 2010

Photo Review: The Black Hollies At Bowery Ballroom 6/14

The Black Hollies: June 14 @ Bowery Bal
lroom, New York, NY

The Black Hollies were the support act Monday night for The Heavy. I recognized the bands name and I discovered why after a search of my iTunes. It turns out I have their album Crimson Reflections in my collection. They played a very loud retro-jam set. The audience seemed to enjoy them, especially the young man who flailed away non-stop in the front row during their set. The sound was a bit muddy from where I was standing though. Check out some photos from their set below ... more of them and The Heavy on my Flickr page.

Set List
  • No Need To Be Rude
  • Whispers Beneath The Willows
  • Crimson Reflections
  • Run With Me Run
  • When You're Not There
  • Here Comes The Rain
  • Can't Stop These Tears
  • Paisley Pattern Ground
  • Gloomy Monday Morning