Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hot Seconds Set A Sweltering Night On Fire

Hot Seconds: June 5 @ Ace Of Clubs, New York, NY

It's June, it's hot and as such, I'm cranky. What better way to make a hot, cranky chick less cranky? Give her some good music! Saturday night I made my way down to Ace of Clubs, for the 1st Annual BritFest NYC, for a night of merriment. Headlining the evenings events were none other than those charming gents known as Hot Seconds.

Yes folks, they're baaack! It's been nearly a year since I last saw the boys play and I missed them. In that time, they've trimmed down to a lean, mean, four piece fighting machine. The band, James Love (vocals/guitar), Eran Westwood (guitar/vocals), Marcel Simoneau (bass) and Ian Hudgins (drums/vocals) took the stage and blazed through a ten song set.

I was curious to hear what they would sound like in this configuration. Were they going to have a new sound? For the most part, they're still the same Hot Seconds we know and love. Now, they're just heavier and funkier. They kicked off the show with the first of three new songs, "Helicopter." When I took a gander at the set list prior to the show I wasn't sure about starting the show with a new song but, it proved to be a good choice. Guitar fangirl alert, there are some killer licks in this one. The riff is beyond catchy. Like the previous new songs they've rolled out since releasing their debut record, these are lyrically and musically darker, grittier. The new song highlight for me was, "Die Like A Dog." The rhythm on that one is just all kinds of dirty. The third new song, "Apathy," was good as well. I need to hear that one again though.

Missing from the set was a song that has become a favorite of mine, "Pink Caesar" ... logistics? On the plus side, they played "Excuse Me," a song I haven't heard live since October 2008! The five songs they played from their debut have even taken on a bit of a heavier sound. Seeing as I'm a fan of the harder rock sounds, this was something I didn't mind at all.

Simoneau looked to be a bit nervous at the beginning of the set but after a couple of songs he seemed to relax in his role as bassist. I look forward to seeing him a few shows down the line when he completely lets go. It was nice seeing him up front rockin' out, for more than one song, and not hidden behind the keyboards. Love looked a little tired though it didn't show too much in his vocals or playing. He seemed edgier all around. I like edgy. The bands harder sound suited Westwood well. When I first saw the band, he was a much more reserved player. Now, he's turning into quite the beast. I also like beasts. For some reason it felt like Hudgins was holding back, being a little conservative. It wasn't until "When I Go" that I felt he totally let go and made me remember exactly why it was him that made me a drum fan ... okay, an Ian fan, as we've already determined the whole drum thing doesn't really carry over to other drummers.

It was overall a good show and I had fun. I'm glad to see them back and rockin'. They're at work on their second record and hearing these new songs live has whetted my appetite for what's to come.