Friday, June 11, 2010

Digital Photo Academy Offers Workshops To Fit All Skill Levels

If you've had a look at my little corner of the blog world, then you probably know I do my own photography. I've always had a camera of some sort and I enjoy taking pictures. It's both challenging and relaxing at the same time. It can also be frustrating sometimes. But now that we're in the digital age, we're no longer tethered to film and the processing of said film unless you choose to go that route. With digital, you can be dive in head first, learn, grow and delete the photographic evidence of your faux pas' from your memory card ... that happens a lot in these parts. But, I'm always looking to learn something new about the art of photography.

Enter Digital Photo Academy. They offer workshops dedicated to the art of digital photography and have locations in twenty-four cities. The workshops are tailored to fit the skill level of beginners, advanced photographers and everyone in-between. These workshops won't break the bank and are taught by professional photographers. This sounds perfect for someone like me who want's to improve in a hands on sort of way. So, if the visuals improve around here, you'll know I've taken a workshop! There are some upcoming workshops here in New York. For dates, times, more info in general on the workshops offered and locations, click HERE.

"DIGITAL PHOTO ACADEMY The organization offers digital photography workshops taught by professional photographers. Attendees should bring their digital cameras. If they have a laptop computer, lenses, and a flash, they’re welcome to bring those, also (see the Web site for materials recommended for advanced workshops). Reservations are required, and the organization plans to offer more classes for all skill levels in the future."