Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Takeover UK Takeover NY

The Takeover UK: May 4 @ Mercury Lounge, New York, NYThis past Monday, I went over to Mercury Lounge to take in some live music. When I originally made plans to go to this show it was to see Gliss. But, in the days approaching the show, I decided to have a listen to the other artists that would be performing too. I browsed around online visiting MySpace pages listening to the bands. I was instantly taken with The Takeover UK. So, I dashed over to the nearest online store and acquired their new full length debut album Running With The Wasters. As a result, I had their songs floating around in my head and was looking forward to checking the band out live.

The Takeover UK, Nic Snyder (vocals/guitar), Mark Solomich (vocals/guitar), Derek White (vocals/bass) and Josh Sickels (drums) aren't from the UK, they're from PA (Pennsylvania). According to them, via between song banter, The Takeover PA doesn't sound as cool. Yeah, I agree.

Never having seen them live I wasn't sure what to expect. Well, right off, they show you what they're about ... tight, high energy rock 'n' roll. Their brand of rock is well put together, 60's tinged, Brit-pop spiked with some punk attitude. Oft times what you get on record you don't get live. This isn't the case with The Takeover UK. To be honest, while their record is a good piece of work, it's live where they shine. Their set was tight and they worked the stage hard like men hell bent on some massive, melodic, world domination takeover plot. One thing's for sure, if you didn't know who they were when they hit the stage, they made sure you knew by the time they walked off.

I had a great deal of fun watching their set. The Takeover UK are definitely a band to keep an eye on and well worth checking out live if you get the chance.

Set List
  • Main Street Crush
  • Running With The Wasters
  • Don't Wait Up
  • Kill Me Dead
  • Black Flowers
  • Birthday Boy
  • Ah La La
  • The Lonely Ones
A few more photos from the show ...