Sunday, May 31, 2009

Caitlin Krisko & The Broadcast Partied At Mercury Lounge

Caitlin Krisko & The Broadcast: May 30 @ Mercury Lounge, New York, NY

Caitlin Krisko & The Broadcast threw a party, a record release party that is, for their new record Over The Undercover. I ask you, who can resist a good party? No one? So, I went over to Mercury Lounge where said party was taking place to enjoy a night music.

This was my first time seeing Caitlin Krisko & The Broadcast perform. I went in expecting a good show based on what I'd heard on Over The Undercover. And, that's exactly what I got. Krisko, in a long flowing dress, kicked off her sandals, took to the stage barefoot and proceeded to belt out the fiery opening number, "The Unintelligible Truth." What a way to kick off a show. My first thought was, why is this the first time I've seen this woman perform?! It was clear from the beginning that Krisko held the crowd in the palm of her hand and she wasn't letting go until she was finished with us. Oh sure, she gave us enough room to breath and dance but we were her captives, possibly the happiest bunch of captives I've ever witnessed.

From the opening number to the closing, a smiling and oft times dancing Krisko led her band through a soulful romp that kept the crowd cheering loudly. You really have to see Krisko perform live to get the complete picture. One moment she's sweet girl next door charming, the next, she's an intoxicating goddess and at times mixing the two for a dizzying combination. On record, her talents shine through but it's more laid back, more of a sexy laze around on a Sunday afternoon with your lover kind of thing. Live, she belts out some serious folk based soul that makes you yell out "go on girl!" The woman, quite simply, sang her ass off. The Broadcast, Dave Rosenthal (electric guitar/backup vocals), Nic Coolidge (bass guitar/backup vocals), Rich Brownstein (keys), Michael W. Davis (drums) and Tyler Householder (percussion) provided a solid and for the most part subtle, but fun foundation. They were joined by horns, a sax player and a trombone player, for a couple of songs that kicked things into full party mode. But, shame on me, I forgot to make note of the horn section names! Hey, I was having fun, you can't expect me to be detailed and professional while having so much fun!

If you weren't at the show and didn't have a chance to get Over The Undercover, fear not, it will be released digitally on June 15 but I'll tell you more about the record another day. In the meantime, if Caitlin Krisko & The Broadcast are playing near you, go check them out. They throw one hell of a party!

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