Monday, May 11, 2009

Hot Seconds Heat Up Mercury Lounge

Hot Seconds: May 9 @ Mercury Lounge, New York, NY

I went 'round to Mercury Lounge to catch one of my favorite local bands, Hot Seconds, on Saturday. There's nothing like going to a hot sweaty club to see a good band. And, these guys are good but I've told you that before, right?

The band, James Love (vocals/guitar/tambourine), Eran Westwood (guitar/vocals), Marcel Simoneau (keyboards/guitar/megaphone), Bob Toria (bass) and Ian Hudgins (drums/vocals) were in fine spirits and fine form. The set, ten songs and forty-two minutes that flew by much too quickly. While we didn't get any new songs this time out, "When I Go," which they unleashed back in January, has been revamped somewhat. It's a bit harder, tighter (with the exception of that questionable moment at the beginning) and minus the harmonica solo. What's up with that? I was waiting for Love to bust out the harmonica and rock a solo! I still vote this the song most likely to have people dancing atop bars. Even "Pink Caesar," which they set loose back in February, seemed a bit harder, smoother and sped up some. I have discovered something though. The more I hear "We Met Before" live, the more I like it. It's not that I didn't like it before, it's just one of those songs that's extremely good live. Some songs are just meant to be heard live and that's one of them. They played one of my favorites, "Gone To Ground." I've been digging this song since last October. I'll be a happy camper when a studio version of it is rolled out.

Me being a guitar fan I normally notice guitars more than anything. That's just how it works for me. The guitars, by the way, were hot in case you weren't there and missed out. But having seen these guys a few times, I've allowed myself more focus on the other instruments. I was smacked silly by some mad tight backing vocals. What usually happens is, I think about the backing vocals in hindsight. So, it was one of those "whoa" moments for me to notice in real time so to speak. And, I'll be damned if Hudgins isn't trying to turn me into a drum fan. Anyone who knows me, knows the words "drum" and "fan" aren't used together when in reference to me. But, have you heard the guy play? You should. For real! Along with his partner in crime Toria who was throwing down some bad ass bass licks, I was feeling mad love for the rhythm section. The rest of the band were no slouches either!

I had a good time. It just seemed to go by too quickly! As they say, time flies when you're having fun. Tis true, tis true.

Oh, and if you missed the boat and didn't catch this show, you have an opportunity to redeem yourself. They'll be at Union Pool in Brooklyn on Saturday, June 6 ... see you there!

Set List
  • Pieces of You
  • Can't Stop
  • We Met Before
  • Rooftop
  • Clam Man
  • Holy Moly
  • Pink Caesar
  • Gone To Ground
  • When I Go
  • Went To India
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