Monday, March 29, 2010

The Donnas Take New York By Storm

The Donnas: March 24 @ Highline Ballroom,
New York, NY

The Donnas kicked off their East Coast mini-tour at New York's Highline Ballroom Wednesday night. I'm a long time fan so I was looking forward to checking out this show. I wasn't disappointed. The ladies rocked the hell out of NYC. The only thing that would have made the show better was a few more songs!

The Donnas, Brett Anderson (vocals), Allison Robertson (guitar), Maya Ford (bass) and Amy Cesari (drums) took the stage to a packed and exuberant crowd. This was my first time seeing the band with guest drummer Cesari. While I missed seeing Torry Castellano rocking out back there, I quickly became a fan of Cesari, who drummed her ass off. She and Ford are a rhythm force to be reckoned with.

The band launched into their set and immediately, the audience was singing along word for word. There was a young lady behind me who sang every song, word for word at the top of her lungs. Normally, that would have gotten on my nerves a bit but, she was so into it, you couldn't help but get caught up in her excitement. It's been a little while since I've been to a show that housed so many hardcore fans.

Anderson is a true frontwoman, interacting with the crowd, getting everyone pumped up, clapping and singing along with her. Robertson is ascending to a bonafide guitar goddess. She was tearing through lick after lick, a blurring mass of hair (I think I got more photos of her hair than anything else!) in constant motion. They played a solid set of crowd pleasers. But, the crowd became deafening when the band launched into "Fall Behind Me" and the one two punch of "Strutter" and "Take It Off" to end the night.

In a world that is sadly still too dominated by men when it comes to rock music, The Donnas are among the few successful all female rock bands that balance being beautiful women and rockin' out just as hard and well as the boys. And, rock out they did. Not once did they let up, giving an adoring crowd one hell of a show.

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