Monday, March 15, 2010

Talking To Walls Celebrate New Record On The LES

Talking To Walls: March 13 @ The Local
269, New York, NY

Talking To Walls recently released their new record, We Were Not So Tall. In celebration, they've taken to the road for their Too Many 'atts Tour. That tour brought them to this city I call home.

Saturday, I went down to The Local 269, during The Great New York Monsoon of 2010, to catch Nat (Webb, guitar/vocals), Matt (Krupa, drums), Matt (Miklos, bass/vocals) and the cat called Brian (Kelly, vocals/guitar) rock out a big set on a tiny stage. A little NYC downpour can't stop good rock 'n' roll! Oh sure, they were soggy but that didn't dampen their spirits. They all seemed to be in exceptionally good moods. When bands have fun on stage, it's contagious. Me being windblown and damp, I needed that contagiousness. It didn't take long to have me smiling and singing along. Lucky for them, they were playing loud enough that they didn't have to hear me singing along off key.

They promised quirky old broads such as myself a good time (without dialing an 800 number or a per minute charge) and that's just what I got. But, I've got a bone to pick with those Walls, they played a wee bit of "Paradise City" ... teases! I'm putting in my request for the full song, complete with one or more of them breaking into the Axl snake dance, the next time they roll through town. Bonus points if bike shorts and a bandana are involved. But, remember guys, I have a camera!

I'd give you a set list but I forgot to get it. Just know they played a fine selection of songs which were all really good ... wish you were here postcard worthy good! I had a great time. Talking To Walls are an incredibly fun band to catch live. If you haven't had the experience, you're missing out on a whole helluva lot of fun.