Monday, March 22, 2010

Hockey Left Me Feeling A Bit Cold

Hockey: March 15 @ Bowery Ballroom, Ne
w York, NY

Hockey, the band, not the sport headlined the Bowery Ballroom on a bill that consisted of The Postelles and The Constellations. They were the band I knew the most about when I ventured down to the LES venue for a night of music. Having never seen them, I was interested to see what they were about live.

Well, I like Hockey. But, I discovered something. I'm not as much into them live as on record. Of course, some of my live Hockey experience could be colored by the annoying chick with the big purse who damn near gave me a concussion flailing around, had the gall to take a wad of nasty chewed up gum and stick it to the front of the stage, the stage that people in the front row lean and brush against, like it was a perfectly civil thing to do. Oh and in an act of pure class, she reached out and groped singer Ben Grubin (did I spell that right?!) at some point. Normally, I'd say she was just an overly excited young girl but she looked about thirty-five at the very least. And, though I don't condone violence, the young lady next to me looked like she wanted to punch the chick and I kind of wish she had.

The band worked hard. And, the sold out crowd was loud and enthusiastic. Musically, things were fine but vocally, after a while everything started to sound rather similar. So basically, I went from I like these guys to, they're okay. Perhaps in a less annoying situation I'd feel somewhat differently, who knows. In the end, I was left feeling a bit let down. Judging by the rest of the crowd and their reaction, I'm probably the only one.