Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gorevette Brought Detroit Fun To NYC

Gorevette: March 24 @ Highline Ballroom, N
ew York, NY

After a disappointing opening act, Detroit's Gorevette took the stage at the Highline Ballroom Wednesday night. They kicked things into high gear and got the crowd singing and dancing along.

Vocalist, the legendary Nikki Corvette, danced around the stage in stocking feet and smiling while dishing up their fun brand of pop garage punk. Guitarist Amy Gore (Gore Gore Girls) tossed out fierce licks all the while looking like the bad ass, cool, guitar chick that she is. While we're on the looking cool thing, some people just look that way, without effort, Gore is one of those. The slightest move, had fans cheering her on. And if you were in the audience on that side of the stage, then you likely experienced the mad crush of fans that made their way up front to get closer to her. The band was rounded out by Gore's fellow Gore Gore Girl, Lianna Castillo (bass) and Al King (drums) rocking infectious rhythms.

Gorevette turned the room into a party. Personally, I could have done with a few more songs. You couldn't help but have fun during their set. They were the perfect lead in to the nights headliners, The Donnas. They're definitely a band to check out live ... fun will be had, if not, something's wrong with you.

They have an EP out, Lustfully Yours. Check it out.