Wednesday, March 24, 2010

William Brittelle & Sarah Kirkland Snider To Premiere Upcoming Releases Live, 4/3

William Brittelle and Sarah Kirkland Snider both have upcoming releases. Brittelle will release his Television Landscape in June, while Kirkland Snider will release her Penelope in September. Fans of both will be in for a treat when both premiere the upcoming releases live. Head on over to The Bell House in Brooklyn on Saturday, April 3 to witness it. Last year, early versions of the works were performed as part of New Amsterdam Record's Undiscovered Islands series. Both works have now been completely re-worked and will feature new performers. Check out Sarah Kirkland Snider's "This Is What You're Like" featuring Shara Worden below in the MP3 Grab.

William Brittelle's Television Landscape (June 2010) is an apocalyptic-yet-hopeful mixed-genre concept album from composer/performer William Brittelle. A classically trained composer who was once frontman to NYC punk rock band The Blondes, Brittelle's sophomore album showcases Brittelle's uniquely extensive experience with classical, jazz, and rock music, with influences for Television Landscape varying from Prince's Purple Rain, Michael Jackson's Thriller to the complete orchestral works of Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy. The music on the album is fully notated in every regard, featuring ornate string arrangements, epic guitar solos and jazz horn sections all performed by critically-acclaimed musicians/members of The Long Count, So Percussion, Alarm Will Sound, NOW Ensemble, The Brooklyn Youth Chorus, Dirty Projectors collaborator Matt Marks and more.

Sarah Kirkland Snider's debut album Penelope (September 2010) is a haunting 60-minute song cycle for female voice, chamber orchestra, and electronics composed by Sarah Kirkland Snider, featuring vocalist Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond and highly acclaimed chamber orchestra Signal, conducted by Brad Lubman, and sound design by Michael Hammond. A deft blend of Snider's classical training and strong interest in indie rock, pop and folk music, Penelope is a genre-defying work that moves organically from moments of wistful string and harp reflection to dusky post-rock textures with distorted drums and guitars, always buoyed by a strong sense of melody. Derived from a multimedia-theater piece co-created by Snider and acclaimed playwright Ellen McLaughlin, the work centers on a woman whose long-missing former husband turns up at her door, traumatized by two decades spent in an unnamed war. To restore his memory, the woman reads aloud from Homer’s “Odyssey.”

William Brittelle's Television Landscape and Sarah Kirkland Snider's Penelope
Live World Premieres
Expanded new versions featuring Shara Worden, Signal, members of Alarm Will Sound, NOW Ensemble, So Percussion, Long Count and more
Saturday, April 3rd
7 PM
The Bell House - Brooklyn, NY
$12 in advance, $15 at door HERE

MP3 Grab: Sarah Kirkland Snider featuring Shara Worden - "This Is What You're Like"

Website: William Brittelle, Sarah Kirkland Snider