Saturday, March 27, 2010

Russian Vogue Overwhelmed By Highline Stage

Russian Vogue: March 24 @ Highline Ballr
oom, New York, NY

Russian Vogue took the stage Wednesday night on the bill with The Donnas and Gorevette after a fun DJ set by Miss Guy. This may be a first for me but I have to say, I found Miss Guy's spinning more interesting than the band. I've never said a DJ was more interesting than a band before.

Anyway, they just weren't my cup of tea but there were others that enjoyed them. Personally, I thought they lacked stage presence and the singer sounded like he was screaming to be heard over the guitars. They played well enough but honestly, I can only kind of remember one song, something about a werewolf or silver bullets ... okay, "kind of remember" is obviously stretching things a bit.

I'm sure they're nice guys but I would have rather Miss Guy to have continued. At least I remember what he played. The only thing that would have made Miss Guy better is if he had gotten on stage.

Russian Vogue were kicking things off for two high octane bands. Sadly, they dropped the ball in the momentum building game. Perhaps in a more intimate setting I would have enjoyed them more and they would have seemed less overwhelmed.