Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Runaways

If you know me, then you probably know a lot of questionable things about me. But, you probably also know some basic things like, I haven't gone to an actual movie theatre to see a movie in about sixteen years and I've been a fan of The Runaways for well over half of my life ... a very long time for both! What does it take to get your resident quirky chick to think about going into a theatre after more than a decade? Yep, you guessed it, a movie about The Runaways called, The Runaways.

The movie based on former Runaway Cherie Currie's book Neon Angel (which has been updated & re-released) hits theatres tomorrow, Friday, March 19. Runaway and all around bad ass rock chick Joan Jett is one of the movies producers. It stars Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning as Jett and Currie. Both young ladies tackle their own vocals in the movie.

I'm sure everyone has a Runaway that they favor, me, it's Jett. Little rock lovin' me took one look at Jett, thought, she's pretty, she's got a guitar and she looks tough, like she has kicked a few dudes asses ... cool. So, in honor of The Runaways, both the band and the movie, I've got my media player rockin' The Runaways catalogue. And seriously, if you haven't experienced The Runaways, hop out quick like a bunny and buy some of their stuff. Check out the trailer below and head on out to see the movie this weekend to check out the story of the band that was The Runaways.