Sunday, March 14, 2010

Photos: Chris Moschetti @ The Local 269

Chris Moschetti: March 13 @ The Local 269, New York, NY

It's Saturday night, there's a monsoon, the subway is acting extra special funky and there I was trying to make my way to the LES. I finally made it to The Local 269, my destination for the evening, looking like a windblown soggy mess. That's okay though, everyone else looked similar.

There were three acts on the early show bill. The first of the night was Chris Moschetti. Now, when I first saw him I thought, oh great, he's wearing a Mr. Rogers sweater and looks a wee bit dorky, in that cute little brother sort of way. I thought to myself, I'm probably not going to like him. Well, I was wrong. Besides, how can you not like a guy who covers Nancy Sinatra and Johnny Cash? If I ever see Moschetti playing "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" again, I expect to see him break out into The Pony at the very least! At any rate, it was a good set and he had a terrific sense of humor. Check out a few photos from his set below.