Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Postelles Kick Up A Mess Of Shoulder Shimmy Fun

The Postelles: March 15 @ Bowery Ballroo
m, New York, NY

New York band The Postelles hit the stage at Bowery Ballroom sharing the bill with The Constellations and Hockey. When I first heard The Postelles, I thought they were okay. I wasn't jumping up and down about them. But, they were catchy and that made me curious enough to want to hear what they were about live.

Live, The Postelles are one of those bands that make everything look effortless. They're not one of those bands that put on an air of we're too cool for you pretentiousness nor do they do a bunch of bullshit theatrics to try and keep the audience entertained. They got up there, played their set in a casual "this is what we do, hope you're enjoying yourselves" manner. What they do is play well and look to be having a good time while getting you caught up in their hopelessly infectious songs.

I found myself immediately going from they're okay to, yeah, I like these guys. They have a retro, yet modern sound. They're one part doo-wop, one part Motown, one part garage, one part mod and 100%, foot stomping, hand clapping, shoulder shimmy fun.

Check them out if they're playing near you. They're on the road with Hockey and The Constellations through about mid-April and they'll be at Bonnaroo, June 10.