Monday, March 1, 2010

Site Changes

If you've dropped by my little corner of the blog world for a visit then you may have noticed last weekend I started making some changes. Yep, this old chick gave herself a bit of a facelift. As with all good face work, the changes haven't been drastic, just a little nip here and tuck there.

A gal learns a lot when diving in head first without any knowledge of web design. So, it has all been a trial and error process and now, I'm peeling the bandages off little by little. If you've had a look around then you may have noticed there is now a separate page for additional MP3's. Most of the songs on the MP3 Grab page haven't appeared on the site before. I've also given my interviews their own little archive section. New interviews are in the works so keep an eye out. The list of tags are now in a pull down menu instead of that big ol' giant list that was taking up way too much space along the side of the page.

In the mist of my facelift I've "broken" some things! All of the streaming media that is hosted by me isn't working at the moment. Those will be fixed soon. And, while I backed up my site before making changes, I still managed to screw up things! Memo to me and any other do-it-yourself designers, make sure when you're making changes you haven't accidentally opened your back-up file. As a result, I lost my blog roll. Thank goodness that's the only thing I lost! I've added back what I could remember but if we've done a mutual link exchange and your blog isn't listed, let me know. The oversight wasn't intentional.

My facelift is still a work in process so there will be additional tweaks. But, if you hear an anguished scream and what sounds like a head banging against a desk, that'll be me having some mini-design disaster.


Quirky NY Chick